Czech leader in wooden buildings production. More than 50 years of experience in environmentally friendly construction for families and developers in 15 countries

About RD Rýmařov

RD Rýmařov has been operating in the construction market since 1968. Thanks to high demand for its houses, the local company gradually evolved into a stable enterprise with international presence. It has long been specialized in modern and sustainable construction based on wood prefabrication, serving not only individual clients interested in family houses but also development companies and contracting authorities.

It became the cornerstone of Progresus Group’s portfolio in 2020, directing it towards environmentally and economically sustainable projects. RD Rýmařov is also a building contractor in our modern residential neighbourhood projects.

RD Rýmařov in figures

Central European market

1ˢᵗ position

ˢᵗ position

In Europe we operate in

15 markets


Industry experience

50+ years

+ years


450 +


Annual turnover in CZK

1.2 + billion

+ billion

People in new houses

100 000 +


Completed buildings

26 000 +


Annual production capacity

1 000 +


I’m glad that people are happy to live in our houses.

Jiří Buchal

Chief Executive Officer



Founding of the company


Milestone of 10,000 houses built


Privatization of the state enterprise RD Rýmařov


Development of low‑energy and passive houses


Acquisition by Progresus Group


Milestone of 26,000 family houses built

Key people

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