Wooden houses RD Rýmařov are heading to Switzerland

30. 11. 2022

Modern and ecological housing with the use of wood is sought after both at home and abroad. Czech wooden buildings from our production plant RD Rýmařov are growing in 15 European markets. Most recently, they have also headed to Switzerland. In a new interview for Seznam Zprávy, CEO Jiří Buchal talks about the foreign expansion and the current situation at RD Rýmařov.

The interview focuses in particular on where the next expansion of the largest Czech wood builder will be directed. After Switzerland, the next markets could be the Benelux countries. In the interview, Jiří Buchal also comments on the current energy crisis and the steps he is taking towards energy efficiency in his production plant. RD Rýmařov is investing in energy-saving LED lighting and its own solar power plant. This will reduce its dependence on gas by 50 % and energy by at least 20 % in the next year.

The full interview was published on Seznam Zprávy.

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