We became a patron of World Planting Day

22. 03. 2023

Returning trees back to nature and responsible management of the Czech forests is our long-term effort at Progresus. We were therefore very pleased to join the celebration of World Planting Day on 21st March and to become its patron. World Planting Day was established in 2007 as part of the Let’s Plant the Planet campaign. The original aim was to plant one million trees in Germany. The initiative soon spread around the world and more than 15 billion trees have been planted.

We consider World Planting Day to be a very meaningful project that we simply could not miss. And the reason is obvious. One of the companies in the Progresus Group is the largest manufacturer of wooden buildings in the Czech Republic, RD Rýmařov. The wood used by the company for the construction of its houses comes from the Czech Republic, and in 2022 we have therefore decided to support sustainable management in the Czech forests in cooperation with the Czech Forestry Academy Trutnov. Each year, we will return 80,000 new seedlings to the forests, and in order to comply with the principles of proper planting, we are planting them in accordance with the recommendations of experts. Our planet needs young trees that absorb CO2. Controlled logging and its use, whether in the construction industry or in other fields, is essential for the environment and we are so happy that by processing the wood in RD Rýmařov and the subsequent new planting we are helping the planet to breathe and people to live,” says Jan Nový, ESG Director of the Progresus Group.

World Planting Day is not just about planting forests. It also involves volunteers planting urban or community gardens or spreading awareness about the importance of green spaces for the future of our planet.

For more information about World Betting Day and tips on how you can get involved next year, click here.

Jan Nový, ESG Director of the Progresus Invest Holding

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