Timber Buildings Are Resilient With Ease!

10. 06. 2022

MF Dnes daily has included the topic of wooden houses in its DOMA supplement and corrects the myths associated with them. Wooden houses have many advantages and we are pleased that we, as a Central European leader in their production, could contribute our experience to the text. 

Housing for Generations 

Timber buildings are not houses for a few years. On the contrary! If a wooden house is well built and properly maintained, it is expected to last for more than three generations (i.e. 75 years) and is fully comparable to houses made of conventional materials. And even more, if you decide to modernise the timber house over time and, for example, change the layout, this is certainly easier than in a brick-and-mortar house.

Fire Resistant  

Fire protection guidelines apply to all types of residential properties, whether they are made of wood or concrete, all the way up to single-family homes or apartment buildings. Timber structures are encased in fire-resistant materials such as plasterboard, fibreboard or mineral thermal insulation, so there is no need to worry about fire. We build from wood, not paper! 

After Floods Just Dry Out 

Water is also a dreaded natural element, which is increasingly encountered in the form of storms and floods. Having water in the house is not pleasant at all, but if you live in a wooden house, you can handle it better. A soaked wooden building just needs to be thoroughly dried and cleaned with an absorbent. Concrete houses affected by flooding usually need to be demolished. 

Acoustic Comfort     

Do you know more about your neighbours’ lives than you’d like? In this case, too, timber housing is a real solution. Wood does not reflect but absorbs sound waves and, combined with good insulation of the walls and floors, you can enjoy greater peace and quiet in a wooden house than in a conventional house. It always depends on a good choice of materials and quality implementation, including the smallest details.  

Wooden houses are ecological, economical and above all comfortable living!  

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