Progresus will support Český lev awards

18. 01. 2023

Our long-term and targeted support of Czech film continues. We have become a partner of the 30th anniversary year of the Český lev awards, which recognise the best Czech films and exceptional acting talents. The Czech Film and Television Academy awards will be presented at a ceremony at Prague’s Rudolfinum on 4 March 2023. As usual, the live broadcast will be provided by Česká televize (Czech Television). The nominated films that will compete for crystal lion statuettes include Arvéd (Arved), Il Boemo, BANGER, Světlonoc (The Nightsiren) and Grand Prix.

The partnership with Český lev is another exceptional event in the joint journey of Progresus Group and Czech film. Our long-term and targeted support of Czech cinematography started at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. And that was just the beginning. Since we believe that good scripts should not remain on paper, last year we also decided to help the talented director Dan Pánek’s script come to fruition. His film Děti Nagana (The Children of Nagano) will be released on 22 February 2023.

We are happy to be part of an event that recognises good film scripts and exceptional talents and that plays an important role in the development of Czech film culture.

“Progresus and Czech film became engaged a long time ago. Our philanthropic film series now has another sequel. Our long-term and targeted support of film continues with an event that honours the best films while propelling Czech film forward, motivating young filmmakers and strengthening the Czech public’s pride in Czech filmmaking. The Český lev awards simply bring together what is worth investing in. Great stories and exceptional talent,” says Lukáš Zrůst, co-founder of Progresus.

Český lev is a prestigious Czech film prize awarded since 1993. Currently, the competition is organised by the Czech Film and Television Academy (CFTA), whose jury team consists of film professionals such as directors, critics, producers, actors and other experts from across the film industry. The crystal lion statuette can be won in 19 permanent categories, such as Best Feature Film, Best Documentary, Best Director, Best Actor/Actress in a Leading Role, Best Costumes and more. The films with the highest number of nominations this year are Arvéd (Arved), Il Boemo, BANGER, Světlonoc (The Nightsiren) and Grand Prix.

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