Progresus Group has new Director of Financial Distribution

11. 01. 2023

Progresus Group has attracted another renowned expert from the world of finance. The Group’s ever-growing team has been joined by Pavel Bříza, who has become the Director of External Financial Distribution. In this position he will have a unique opportunity to use his more than 20 years of experience gained in senior positions at Kooperativa pojišťovna, Česká spořitelna and eBanka.

“After many years in large corporations, I found it exciting to participate in brand new projects in residential and industrial real estate with an emphasis on ESG, energy savings, and the implementation of fast and affordable housing. I will also have the opportunity to bring new quality investment products to the market and participate in building the company’s strong position in the financial market,” says Pavel Bříza about joining the company.

As Director of External Financial Distribution, he will have direct responsibility for setting up, coordinating, evaluating and developing cooperation with investment intermediaries. He will also be responsible for direct cooperation with banks, securities dealers, funds and other potential business partners and investors. Pavel’s biggest professional challenge and space for self-realization will be creating a long-term model of cooperation with financial partners and expanding the number of distributors.

“In the last few years, as Sales Director at AVANT, I mainly focused on expanding the number of investment intermediaries and increasing the volume of investments in the company’s funds. My role at Progresus will be very similar. The only difference is that I will have even more space in other areas that I covered in my previous jobs,” says Pavel Bříza. “Although Progresus is a young financial group, it is backed by people I trust. I’ve known Lukáš Foral for many years, and I know many of the people in the company’s management personally and consider them to be great professionals. This also made my decision to join the Group easier, and my expectations were confirmed after a few weeks in my new position,” adds Pavel Bříza.

Lukáš Foral, a co-owner of Progresus Group, has confirmed that Pavel Bříza is an important addition to the Group’s team. “Since Lukáš Zrůst and I founded Progresus, we have built our holding family on experienced people, without whom we could hardly fulfil our ambitious plans. This is also the case with Pavel, whose experience and contacts expand our business possibilities and open up new opportunities. In addition, Pavel’s good mood and the atmosphere he’s brought to the team are positively infectious,” says Lukáš Foral.

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