Our support of horse polo continues

18. 10. 2022

Prague’s Chuchle will once again host horse polo and we will be there as its long-term partner! In August, the sand polo tournament under the Progresus flag was an unprecedented success with spectators. This time, the players will take to the turf. But the atmosphere is sure to be just as exciting. The PROGRESUS PRAGUE POLO EXHIBITION will offer attractive exhibition matches, which will kick off as part of the race day in Chuchle as early as 23 October 2022.

“Horse polo is not only about winning, but mainly about honour and tradition. It fascinates us with its history, discipline and openness to innovation. This is what we have in common. This sport, which is a tradition in the world and was recently rather a rarity here, is quickly finding its way to Czech fans. Summer polo on sand only confirmed this. We were thrilled with how many spectators the August tournament welcomed and how much media attention it brought. Now we are even happier to support its continuation, PROGRESUS PRAGUE POLO EXHIBITION,” says Lukáš Zrůst, co-founder of Progresus Group. 

The PROGRESUS PRAGUE POLO EXHIBITION is also being looked forward to by Jan Průcha, Vice President of the Czech Association of Horse Polo Players, for whom the premiere tournament in Chuchle in August was already a dream come true. 

Just like last time, we will be able to cheer together for the team in Progresus jerseys and enjoy a pleasant sports experience. During the exhibition afternoon, plans for the next edition of PROGRESUS PRAGUE BEACH POLO 2023 will also be presented.

At Progresus we build on long-term partnerships, not only in sport. We are happy to support the journey of horse polo to the hearts of Czech spectators, but also to those who want to get in the saddle themselves.

We are looking forward to 23 October in Chuchle. 

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