Mycelium became the main material of Studio LLEV’s exhibition in the GASK gallery

28. 03. 2023

Our cooperation with the successful design studio LLEV has reached a beautiful artistic peak. On Saturday 25th March, LLEV opened an exhibition in the Central Bohemian gallery GASK, in which the company Mykilio from our portfolio also participated. Art with respect for the materials used, art with the soul of nature – this is not the only way to sum up the work of this Czech design studio. The soul of nature is imprinted on the pieces of the design duo Eva and Marcel Mochal by, among other things, the processes of the mushroom mycelium from Mykilio. The result is a completely unique glass collection that is innovative, especially because of the sustainability of the materials used and the gentle creative process.

The exhibition entitled NATURALLISM in the prestigious Central Bohemian gallery includes not only a sustainable collection of glass shaped with mycelium, but also other pieces of applied art that have harnessed the power of nature in a unique way. The elaborate artistic still lifes include original mycelium forms.

The work of the Eva and Marcel Mochal is truly unique in its conscious and responsible approach to the materials used. The designers think not only about the careful use of materials during the creation process, but also afterwards, when the products can be recycled. Their diligence, respect and love for what they do is admirable. We are extremely happy to have been able to work with LLEV on this beautiful project.

Would you also like to know how sustainability and the power of nature can be imprinted in art? Don’t miss this unique exhibition. For more information, please visit the GASK Gallery website.

The innovative method of producing glass products from Mykilio-supplied mycelium moulds was also used in the SYMBOLL collection, on which LLEV collaborated with LASVIT. The designers won the Sustainable Design of the Year category in ELLE DECORATION magazine’s EDIDA competition for this artistic achievement. Read more here.

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