Martin Skalický spoke at the e15 REsummit 2023 conference

18. 05. 2023

Martin Skalický, chairman of the Progresus consulting team, spoke at the e15 REsummit 2023 conference dedicated not only to real estate. In a panel discussion on the topic of Development from the perspective of investors and real estate funds, he shared his experience in investing in development projects, their advantages, disadvantages and key factors that help investors in deciding to direct their capital to this area.

In the first part of the panel discussion, the panelists commented on the current situation in residential development. “There is a huge unmet need for housing hidden behind unmet demand. One of the ways is to start supplying the market with sufficient quantities of reasonably quality housing so that the deficit on the market starts to shrink and there is reasonable and healthy competition among developers – especially in the sector where Progresus operates, which is the construction of single-family houses or smaller apartment buildings,” said Martin Skalický. In a continuing discussion on the advantages and disadvantages of industrial development, he added: “The current state of industrial development shows almost zero vacancy. The vast majority of industrial properties are largely pre-leased before construction starts. It is a very interesting sector that has a long-term future.” Martin Skalický added that in order to minimise investment risks within the real estate market, it is good to join forces with an experienced partner and enter projects that already have building permits – similar to our Progresus group, which has long been cooperating with the renowned GARBE Industrial Real Estate CEE.

GARBE Industrial Real Estate CEE’s Managing Director Martin Polák spoke in the following, final panel discussion entitled How to Build Sustainable Buildings. He introduced the conference visitors to the sustainable solutions for industrial development that GARBE uses in its projects. “In the industrial real estate sector, it’s all about making sure that the hall has the lowest possible energy consumption, that it can eventually produce some energy and, of course, that either recycled materials or materials that have left the lowest possible carbon footprint are used in its construction,” said Martin Polák, stressing that it’s not just about the choice of materials themselves, but also about where the material comes from and the journey it has to take to be built.

You can watch the debates with Martin Skalický, Martin Polák and other speakers from the development, business and government sectors here: REsummit: The Future of Housing and Real Estate | e15.cz

Martin Skalický, Chairman of the Progresus Consulting Team, source: e15
Martin Polák, GARBE Industrial Real Estate CEE’s Managing Director, source: e15

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