Martin Skalický on real estate investments for Reportér magazine

22. 02. 2023

Reportér magazine published an interview with Martin Skalický, the chairman of our consulting team. The topic was mainly about real estate investing, considered investment portfolio allocation and the long-term growth of the industrial real estate sector.

As with any investment, according to Martin, the most important thing in real estate investing is to diversify the portfolio in a well-considered manner. “If you want to invest in real estate, it’s good to spread your money around. Part of it in apartments, another part in office or industrial buildings,” he says.

The interview also focused on a significant part of commercial real estate, which consists of the aforementioned industrial parks. These have been on a huge upswing for several years – demand for them has been high for a long time and their vacancy rate is currently below 1%. According to experts, the growth of this sector will continue and therefore represents very attractive investment opportunities.

Is it worth investing more in new properties or those on the secondary market? What is the investor literacy today? These other questions were also the focus of an interview with Martin Skalický, published on the website of the Reportér magazine.

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