Lukáš Zrůst on the industrial real estate market for Ekonom magazine

24. 02. 2023

The industrial real estate market is literally breaking records. Demand for them has been high for a long time and their vacancy rate at the end of last year in the Czech Republic reached less than 1%. They contribute significantly to the economic development of our regions and bring interesting job opportunities for skilled workers in given locations.

Moreover, far from being unsightly assembly plants, industrial halls are increasingly becoming sophisticated centres for research, development, robotic manufacturing and other modern needs.

Environmental friendliness and the installation of energy and water saving technologies are now commonplace. The construction of halls also takes into account the creation of quality working facilities for employees and the life of the communities in the area.

Lukáš Zrůst, co-owner of Progresus, commented on the current situation on the industrial real estate market and its future for the Ekonom magazine. Read the full commentary here.

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