LASVIT, LLEV studio and Mykilio – a collaboration that represents a revolutionary method of glass production

10. 02. 2023

SPACIAL MAGAZINE LASVIT published an article about a sustainable glass collection that was born in collaboration with the design studio LLEV together with LASVIT and the company Mykilio from our portfolio. The designers chose an innovative method of glass production, which is shaped by nature itself. For the entire SYMBOLL collection, special biodegradable moulds made of mushroom mycelium, which come from the Mykilio company, were used. The result of the whole experimental creation was amazing. The natural processes of mycelium shaped the glass pieces into a completely unique form. Thanks to the art of nature, the surface structure of each product is original.

The design glass collection called SYMBOLL includes glasses for wine, water, whiskey, and those that can serve as designer containers for candles. The use of mycelium to produce moulds for glass has been marked as a revolutionary method in this field. It means not only a more ecological way of the whole process, but also a wonderful symbiosis between the human work and the art of nature. Do you want to learn more about the sustainable glass collection? You can read the whole article here.

PHOTO: Lasvit

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