Jiří Buchal as a guest interview for Peak.cz

10. 11. 2022

 The CEO of our production plant RD Rýmařov was a guest in an interview for the economic online magazine Peak.cz. He talked mainly about the impact of the energy crisis and inflation on the construction market. He also outlined the steps that RD Rýmařov, Central Europe’s largest timber builder, is taking towards energy self-sufficiency.

“This year alone, the volume of investment in energy saving in our company amounts to almost CZK 55 million. Fortunately, we were well prepared for the situation,” says Jiří Buchal at the outset. RD Rýmařov started reacting to the rising prices of building materials and energy already in spring. The main goal was to increase energy self-sufficiency. And this is gradually succeeding.

“We are building a megawatt photovoltaic power plant, so our houses will not only be made of sustainable materials, wood, but we will produce more than half of the energy needed for the houses ourselves. At the same time, we have invested in reducing the consumption of process heat, improved insulation and introduced energy-saving measures,” says Jiří Buchal.

Energy does not only drive production, it is also currently being addressed by prospective homebuyers. “Energy efficiency in housing is one of the most common topics. That’s why we put a heat pump, a photovoltaic power plant or air conditioning in our houses in the price. For insulation, for example, we have switched from glass wool to mineral wool, which is healthier and has much better energy and noise parameters. And we are always looking for ways to make the operation of the house as efficient and cheaper as possible,” explains Jiří Buchal.

How does inflation affect the demand for family houses? What makes the Czech Republic’s largest timber builder almost sold out for next year? What markets is its further expansion aimed at? What are Jiří Buchal’s predictions for inflation? The full interview was published on Peak.cz.

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