Jiří Buchal and Lukáš Zrůst about RD Rýmařov in an interview for Estate magazine

17. 04. 2023

Magazín Estate brought a comprehensive interview with the CEO of RD Rýmařov Jiří Buchal and the co-owner of Progresus Group Lukáš Zrůst. The topic was mainly the challenges that the group’s flagship company had to face in the past year and how skillfully it dealt with them.

Despite the challenging year 2022, characterized in particular by high inflation, RD Rýmařov managed to grow successfully, “Last year we increased the number of houses built by 30 percent and the turnover by 40 percent,” Jiří Buchal, for whom 2022 was also the first full year in charge of the company, makes no secret of the good results. “When inflation started to rise in the Czech Republic the year before last, it was expected that the local market would slow down. So we focused on foreign countries where inflation was not so high. Especially Austria, Germany and now Switzerland.” For Lukáš Zrůst, the westward penetration is in line with his strategic goals for 2030: “Our goal is to reach and exceed a turnover of CZK 10 billion. Given the size of the pan-European market we are targeting with RD Rýmařov, this is not an unrealistic goal at all.

In the interview you will also find out how the company has managed to respond to the rise in energy and material prices or where in Europe you can already see houses from the RD Rýmařov production plant.

We are delighted that RD Rýmařov, as a recognised leader in the timber construction market, is part of the Progresus Group’s portfolio and that readers of Estate magazine were able to learn about its successes and plans. You can read the full interview of Jiří Buchal and Lukáš Zrůst in Czech here: https://www.estate.cz/rozhovory/rd-rymarov-drevo-ktere-setri-penize/.

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