How to deal with the climate crisis and housing affordability?

25. 05. 2022

Our co-founders Lukáš Zrůst and Lukáš Foral have given an interview to the investment server www.penize.cz.
They introduce the Progresus Invest Holding and its activities, especially in the field of real estate development and affordable ecological housing in wooden houses.

Wooden houses as a solution of the climate crisis

Wooden houses make a significant contribution to dealing with the climate crisis, because wood is so far the only material that can absorb CO2. The strategy of the Progresus Invest Holding is to build affordable housing projects and use wood in them as much as possible. The wooden buildings supplied by RD Rýmařov will be used for the first time to such an extent in development projects in the Czech Republic. In addition, technologies that save energy and use alternative energy sources (photovoltaic panels and heat pumps) will be installed in family and apartment buildings. 

Innovative building materials

Progresus also supports the research and development of innovative building materials such as TiCo (a combination of concrete and wood), low-emission concrete and mycelium (sponge), which will most likely be able to replace polystyrene in an environmentally friendly way

Planned expansion of the group

Lukáš Zrůst says: „We are looking for acquisition opportunities in all directions. Whether it is a large window manufacturer or its own forestry with a saw. Whether it is a large window manufacturer or an owner of a forest with a saw. We also follow one of our European competitors in the field of wooden constructions. At the same time, we want to automate a lot, that is why we shop in IT. Last but not least, we invest in mycelium, which we believe has a great future.”

You can read the whole interview on the Peníze.cz server. 

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