Developers have found a solution to growing costs – prefabricated wooden buildings

12. 06. 2022

Estate magazine published an article about wooden development, which we come up with using the know-how of RD Rýmařov, a company in our portfolio and the market leader in wooden housing. Construction costs are rising (not only) before the eyes of residential developers. All residential projects under construction are getting more expensive, some are getting delayed and postponed projects are no exception. One way to tame construction costs is to build with prefabricated parts and reduce construction time to a minimum. And wooden buildings win in this respect, because a family or apartment house from our RD Rýmařov plant is completed within a month.   

The demand for our houses from developers is growing. In addition to fast construction, they appreciate our experience and the fact that we deliver turnkey houses. This way we solve a lot of worries related to the coordination of subcontractors,” says Lukáš Foral, co-founder of the investment group Progresus Invest Holding, to which RD Rýmařov belongs. “Recently, we have also been approached by developers with so-called second homes projects, i.e. recreational residential buildings. The concept of an ecological wooden building with economical operation is ideal for these projects,” adds Lukáš Foral.   

In view of the growing demand, we have increased our production capacity at RD Rýmařov so that we can produce family and apartment houses for developers´ projects. The precise production of the basic parts of the wooden building takes place in the production halls. The trucks then take the prepared walls to the construction site, where the assemblers assemble them within one or two days. The production and construction of such a house requires far fewer workers than is common in conventional construction. In addition, we have long used dedicated assembly workers who have the necessary expertise and sufficient experience to ensure the highest quality of assembly. 

You will see timber buildings more and more often on development projects, as they are a symbol of sustainable living, wood being the only building material that absorbs CO2. And how long will they last? No need to worry, even your grown-up grandchildren will enjoy living in a timber building!

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