Despite the difficult situation on the market, wooden buildings are still in high demand

7. 06. 2022

Lukáš Zrůst, the co-founder of our group, spoke in an interview with Seznam Zprávy.

Lack of materials and their increasing price, constant increase of energy prices, unavailable mortgages, yes, the bugbear of our everyday life. 

Lukáš spoke not only about the current difficult situation on the Czech market, but also about the solutions we are coming up with in our factory RD Rýmařov. Despite all the circumstances, we are constantly looking for solutions to the situation and we optimize. With regard to the tradition and good name of RD Rýmařov, our wooden buildings are still in high demand and we will continue to strive to make this housing accessible to families, but at the same time to provide housing of high quality.

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