A sustainable portfolio gem? Mykilio!

3. 11. 2022

Have you heard of mycelium, the material of a more sustainable future? The uniqueness of this natural gem is revealed in a new episode of our podcast by Matěj Róth, partner and CEO of Mykilio, the progressive star of our portfolio. The latter is engaged in the development and production of mycelium, which is becoming a sustainable alternative to many conventional materials, especially in the construction industry.

Matěj Róth in the podcast presents not only how the mycelium behaves, what its properties are, but also its use, which is quite varied. Mycelium is becoming a sustainable alternative to many conventional materials. In construction, it can be used to replace polystyrene, other insulation materials and particleboard, for example. It is not only making its way into sustainable construction, but also into fashion and interior design. It is simply the sustainable material of the future.

What were the beginnings of Mykilio? Matěj Róth discusses this in the podcast. The company became widely known thanks to its collaboration with the LLLEV design studio, for whose glass products it created mycelium biodegradable moulds. The result was completely unique design pieces that were shaped by nature itself. Czech design icon LASVIT also collaborated on the glass gems.

Mycelium is becoming the second sustainable material of our Group, next to wood, which we use in the RD Rýmařov production plant. All the companies in our portfolio are simply linked by the path to a healthier and happier future for us and future generations.

The Mykilio podcast has been published on YouTube, Spotify and the Apple Podcast.

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