Progresus x SingularityU Czech Summit ‑ #3 Mic Mann


Progresus x SingularityU Czech Summit


31. 10. 2023


1 min


Artificial intelligence and innovative technologies are currently driving the world of science and business. In a special podcast miniseries produced as part of a partnership between Progresus Group and SingularityU Czech Summit, we discuss the experts who are setting the pace in this field. The third episode's guest was Mic Mann, CEO of Africarare, Co‑CEO of SingularityU South Africa and Mann Made, investor and speaker on how exponential technologies can help to #futureproofAfrica. Mic is regarded as one of the leading experts in Virtual and Augmented Reality globally. Who are the biggest users of metaverse currently, what are metaverse’s different use cases, and what is Ubuntuland? Mic will also introduce us to the first Africa’s metaverse "Africarare", focusing on unlocking African potential and connecting Africa to the global digital economy.

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