Lukáš Zrůst spoke at the Urban Land Institute debate


15. 03. 2024


2 min


Wood construction in the CEE region was the subject of a debate by a global think‑tank for real estate professionals. Lukáš Zrůst, co‑owner of Progresus Group, Petr Michálek, director of Skanska Residential, and Jakub Cígler, architect, shared their experiences with the expert audience.

Discussants agreed that wood is one way to meet the increasingly demanding requirements for sustainable buildings. Architect Jakub Cigler pointed out that the value of houses made of conventional materials will decline and banks will not want to invest in such projects in the future. Lukáš Zrůst, who, through our RD Rýmařov production plant, perceives a shift in the thinking of financial institutions and their efforts to support them, also discussed the financing of sustainable projects. However, he mentioned the lack of clear criteria that could be used for capital applications.

Lukáš Zrůst, as the only industrial development expert present, also discussed the environmentally friendly construction of industrial and logistics halls and emphasised the sometimes neglected social aspect of ESG projects, ” S” will become increasingly important and I believe that attracting workers to industrial and logistics plants will be easier by offering a working environment that is healthy, developing and supportive.”

In the audience watching the event were top Czech property developers, investors, construction entrepreneurs and representatives of banks and investment funds. The organizing organization, Urban Land Institute, is a global platform with more than 50,000 members from the real estate market, which, with the support of Progresus, is beginning to establish itself among professionals in the Czech Republic.