In an interview for Seznam Zprávy, Lukáš Zrůst presented a long‑term plan for industrial hall projects




14. 07. 2023


1 min


Seznam Zprávy published an interview with Lukáš Zrůst, co‑owner of Progresus Group, who presents a long‑term plan for 7 industrial hall projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. The projects will be built in cooperation with our partner GARBE Real Estate CEE and will follow the first joint project of a logistics centre being built in Klášterec nad Ohří, which will be occupied as a majority tenant by the automotive giant Isolite.

Klášterec was the first of those projects and the smallest. Others will follow – not only in this region, but also in South Moravia, and we are also moving beyond the border – to Slovakia and Poland. There are seven projects on the table with a volume of more than half a million square metres. In terms of finance, we are approaching EUR 800 million. That should be the price of the parks once they are built. We are talking about projects for four years,” Lukáš Zrůst revealed in an interview. But it’s far from that. You can listen to the interview in Czech here.