Good scenarios don’t stay on paper




13. 06. 2023


3 min


After a year, we are returning to Karlovy Vary as a partner of the 57th edition of the International Film Festival. This time with scenarios that don’t stay on paper. Festival visitors can look forward to a playful wooden structure from RD Rýmařov in the very center of the festival. There they will be able to refresh themselves with drinks from the renowned Public Interest bar and also take a look at the modular house. As part of our main festival event, we are going to welcome the music master of the Czech Philharmonic, Jan Fišer, in the gardens of the Imperial Hotel. During the festive Progresus Garden Night, we will reveal more about our investment projects and philanthropic scenarios that we made to happen last year. We communicate our partnership with the campaign “Good scenarios don’t stay on paper” in the on‑line, outdoor, print and TV media space.

It was last year’s Karlovy Vary International Film Festival that started our commitment to ensure that good investment and philanthropic scenarios do not remain just on paper. Our whole year was in this spirit. The support of Czech culture, which started within the framework of KVIFF, was an integral part of it. We experienced enormous joy especially from the success of director Dan Pánek’s Children of Nagano, at whose birth we stood and which attracted many enthusiastic viewers of all generations to the cinemas. We also became a partner of the 30th anniversary of the Czech Lion Award and the autumn festival Variations 2022.

The 57th edition of the International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary is just around the corner and we are happy to reveal what we have prepared for this year in Karlovy Vary. We wanted to come up with something that characterizes our business and what will make festival days more pleasant for visitors. A modular house from our RD Rýmařov production plant will be built in Dvořák Gardens, where guests will be able to enjoy refreshing drinks prepared by master bartenders from Public Interest Bar and also learn more about our wooden buildings and the possibilities of using playful wooden modules for recreational living and business.

Our wooden meeting point will not be the only place where you can meet us. Together with the e15 newspaper, we have also prepared a cocktail full of business and creative inspiration, which will take place in the newly renovated breathtaking premises of the Imperial Spa. The festive Progresus Garden Night with the Czech Philharmonic will also take place during the festival week. Let’s look back at the past year, which for us meant many new challenges and successfully fulfilled scenarios, such as the construction of the industrial hall in Klášterec nad Ohří, more than 450 wooden buildings built by RD Rýmařov and unforgettable philanthropic projects. During the evening, we will also reveal the secrets of mushroom mycelium – an unconventional sustainable future material, in which our company Mykilio is involved of.

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