Festival event directed by Progresus and E15 Magazine revealed more about the mystery of mycelium




06. 07. 2023


2 min


The Karlovy Vary Film Festival is an event that connects and, most importantly, inspires. In the same spirit was the event When Things Make Sense, which we organised together with the daily E15 as part of the festival. The afternoon cocktail event full of business and creative inspiration took place in the newly renovated Císařské lázně and was experienced by guests literally with all their senses.

The first sense involved was the taste awakened by exceptional drinks served by the Prague bar Public Interest. Guests were able to enjoy these in a sustainable glass collection designed by designers from LLEV studio and shaped with mushroom mycelium, sourced from the Mykilio portfolio. Thanks to the mycelium process, each glass is original in its structure, so another of the senses involved was the sense of touch.

Both Marcel Mochal from LLEV Studio and Leon Jakimič, founder of the design icon LASVIT, who also participated in the Symboll glass collection, revealed more about the innovative method of producing blown glass using mycelium. Lukáš Zrůst, co-founder of the Progresus group, spoke about the beginnings of Mykilio and the further use of this sustainable material.

The rooms of the Imperial Baths were filled with the essence of the unique fragrances of Jacob Heirmann. Among the guests we also welcomed Pavel Čekan, the representative of the Karlovy Vary Region, Kryštof Mucha, the executive director of KVIFF, and Jindřich Krausz, the general manager of the Pupp Hotel.

We would like to thank all our guests for a pleasant afternoon full of inspiration. You can read more about the When Things Make Sense event in the E15 article in Czech here.