(R)evolution of healthy housing

Wood buildings for a CO2 neutral future.

ESG solutions not only for development companies or cities

Wooden buildings of RD Rýmařov, Central European leaders and leaders of our portfolio, are a quality solution for healthy living not only for families, but also an ESG way for developers, construction companies or cities.

They excel in speed of construction thanks to their modularity and also in energy savings.

They are an (r)evolutionary ESG solution.

Climate neutrality

Wood is a renewable building material and is the only one that has a positive impact on carbon dioxide emissions. It contains them efficiently and can lock up to a tonne of CO2 in 1 m3. Thanks to the use of sustainable and certified materials, the wooden buildings of RD Rýmařov meet all requirements for ecological construction.

Fast construction

Unlike conventional construction from concrete, which takes months to build, it takes just a few days to assemble a wooden building. It is less economically, energy and environmentally demanding.

Energy saving

Thanks to the excellent thermal insulation properties of wood and the use of innovative technologies in production wooden buildings are distinguished by substantial energy savings. Wooden houses Rýmařov in their basic equipment include a heat pump and photovoltaic system, the combination of which significantly reduces operating costs.

Comfortable climate

Wood also has excellent thermal insulation properties, it can receive, distribute and maintain heat six times better than concrete. Therefore, wooden buildings heat up quicker and maintain a comfortable temperature and indoor climate. In addition, the temperature can be regulated simply by ventilating, no need for air conditioning.

Recycling and circularity

After your prefabricated wooden house has served its purpose, it can be dismantled, and the wood can be recycled or used as wood chips for heating or composting.

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Climate neutraly
Energy efficiency

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