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We became a patron of World Planting Day

We became a patron of World Planting Day

Returning trees back to nature and responsible management of the Czech forests is our long-term effort at Progresus. We were therefore very pleased...

About us

We are an international investment group that manages a diverse portfolio of innovative companies and projects. Our core business is real estate development and manufacturing complemented by information technology, law and insolvency, hospitality business, food supplement development and development and production of sustainable materials (mycelium).

We operate in the Czech Republic, but also throughout Central Europe. We are planning further organic growth by acquiring companies that synergically complete Progresus portfolio. We are expanding into Western European markets.

„Together we are stronger!“ 
 Lukáš Zrůst, Co-Founder Progresus Invest Holding 

It is our mission to evolve the business potential of our companies and projects in which we invest, to increase their competitive ability and value. Projects that we choose relate to quality, life values and legacy for future generations.

Investment Strategy

For us, business is the way to create value for ourselves, our investors and clients, as well as for our employees, business partners and the communities in which we operate.

Our financial group is built on solid foundations. We build on our experienced team and its knowledge, thorough analysis, strategic and operational management skills, and a professional and solid financial background. We systematically reinvest available funds in our companies, and in doing so, we support their further growth and increase their competitiveness.

„How can we look for groundbreaking answers that will have a big impact on our future if we don’t ask brave and honest questions? Every great idea, vision or exceptional change was invented by a brave and honest question. Despite the answers being not easy to find, you have us, so together we have the determination to solve them.“
 Lukáš Foral, Co-Founder Progresus Invest Holding 

By acquiring traditional large companies, we have proven that we can creatively develop their potential and open doors to new business opportunities. At the same time, we support the growth of start-ups. For example, in the Harmonelo company, turnover grew fivefold from CZK 50 million in the first year to CZK 250 million CZK in the second year of its existence. 

We support the Green Deal for Europe and all investments must be in line with our comprehensive ESG strategy.


Progresus Invest Holding consists of innovative companies in a number of areas. In addition to real estate development and manufacturing, our portfolio also includes companies focused on information technology, law and insolvency, hospitality business and development of food supplements and development and production of sustainable materials (mycelium).

The creation of Progresus Invest Holding started with the acquisition of RD Rýmařov with turnover of over CZK 1,3 billion, a Central European leader in the production of wooden houses and apartment buildings. Its products can be found in 15 European markets, where it represents an affordable and environmentally friendly housing option.

The turnover of the entire group reached a total of CZK 1.6 billion in 2021. We employ 600 people directly in our companies and work with another 43,000 externally.

The fields in which we operate:
Real Estate Development
Manufacturing industry
Information technology and services
Pharmaceutical industry
Legal Services
Investment Management

Development projects

We invest in a diversified portfolio of premium properties in residential housing as well as industrial parks.

For residential housing projects, we use the know-how of our production plant RD Rýmařov, which has been creating modern, fast and ecological housing for more than 50 years..

Together with GARBE Industrial Real Estate CEE, a leading international company founded in 1965, we invest in first-class industrial properties that meet the highest standards of sustainable construction.

Residential development

„We want to create sustainable neighborhoods of quiet family living, where several generations will live well.“

We are currently preparing 3 sustainable development projects for which we have land in Prague and its surroundings. These will be quiet locations with excellent transport accessibility and a sophisticated urban planning solution.

Our healthy living projects will become a source of greenery and a place for everyday community life.

Up to 5,000 people will find a new home in more than 2,000 apartments.

Pillars of our development


Sustainability and CO2 neutrality

Low Energy

Speed ​​of construction

What will be part of our projects?

780+ residential properties
2 000+ apartments

elementary schools

parks, orchards
gardens,  playgrounds

outdoor sports field
community center, chapel

What projects are we preparing?

In the Heart of Orchards

Healthy and affordable housing in the wider centre of Prague, which will become a source of greenery and a meeting place for all neighbours.

You can relax in the orchards with a pond, meet your neighbours in the community centre or in the shared gardens, which are perfect for neighborhood barbecues. Multifunctional sports field will offer you an active way to relax.

  • Location: Prague 8 (20 minutes from the centre of Prague)
  • Total land area: 43.120 m2
  • Family housing: 25 low-rise apartment buildings with a total of 75 housing units
  • Public space: ​​orchards with a pond, community centre, chapel, sports field


In the Wild Nature

Housing surrounded by wild nature and romantic cliffs like in the western movies.

The nearby woodland park with its massive oaks and meandering stream adds to the picturesque peaceful atmosphere of this location.

  • Location: Prague 5 (20 minutes from the centre of Prague)
  • Total land area: 111.907 m2
  • Family housing: a total of 351 housing units, 75 apartment buildings and 14 villas
  • Public space: parks, children’s playground and outdoor fitness

With Golf Course in Sight

Green housing on the border of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region, which will become a separate neighborhood within sight of the golf green.

If you are a golfer, this is the home for you. Family homes with spacious terraces will be located within walking distance of the 18-hole golf course. Its atmosphere is reminiscent of the legendary Scottish courses. 

The housing complex will provide the functions of all civic amenities. A kindergarten and a primary school will be established in close proximity, so that the little ones do not have to commute.

  • Location: Prague East (30 minutes from the centre of Prague)
  • Total land area: 244.000 m2
  • Family housing: a new home for up to 3500 people
  • Public space: kindergarten and primary school, restaurant, parks, children’s playground and outdoor sports facilities, dog meadows, herb gardens

Industrial development

Together with GARBE Industrial Real Estate CEE, a leading international company founded in 1965, we invest in first-class industrial properties. We create business facilities for renowned companies in logistics, e-commerce and light manufacturing according to their requirements and needs.

Our logistics halls target the highest standards of modern sustainable construction according to the criteria of the international BREEAM certification as well as the requirements for economic efficiency.

The location of logistics halls is the most important aspect for tenants. Our halls are therefore built in strategic locations.

    •  good transport accessibility
    •  strategic location in relation to trade with neighbouring countries
    •  available workforce

By investing in industrial parks, we support the economic strength of the regions and create new jobs in the locations. .

Industrial parks in preparation

GARBE Park Chomutov II

The GARBE Park Chomutov II industrial park will build on the existing GARBE Park Chomutov industrial zone with a total gross leasable area (GLA) of 30,000 sq m. This new development project in the Verne industrial zone near Klášterec nad Ohří will increase the current area by an additional 20,815 sq m. The new building will meet the highest ESG standards for sustainable construction of industrial properties according to BREEAM certification at the Excellent level.

Basic information

  • Planned area: 20.815 sq m
  • Status: building permit
  • Tenant: TBA (¼ 2023)

About the site

  • North Bohemia – Klášterec nad Ohří
  • Existing industrial zone Verne
  • Very good transport accessibility (road R13, motorway D7)
  • 12 km from Chomutov and 30 km from the German border

Wooden buildings for a CO2 neutral future.


Prefabricated wooden houses of RD Rýmařov, Central European leaders and leaders of our portfolio, are a quality solution for healthy living not only for families, but also an ESG solution for developers, construction companies or cities.

They excel in speed of construction thanks to their modularity and also in energy saving.

They are an (r)evolutionary ESG solution.


We invest with respect for nature and society.
We invest with a higher purpose.

„Our commitment is to be a trusted and responsible partner with a positive impact on the environment and our society.
We will continue with our effort to reduce the carbon footprint and improve people’s lives in the context of the principles of sustainable development.“

 Lukáš Zrůst a Lukáš Foral, Founders 

We operate in accordance with a comprehensive corporate ESG strategy. For us, sustainability means respect.

We invest in a CO2 neutral future

We prepare environmentally friendly and economically affordable housing in wooden buildings from our RD Rýmařov factory. Wood is a sustainable building material that effectively binds CO2 (up to one tonne of CO2 in 1 m³). At the same time, we are dedicated to the development and production of other sustainable materials such as mushroom mycelium.

Protection of the environment is a commitment for us, that’s why we support sustainable forest management, planting of new trees and care for the natural wealth of the forests in the Jeseniky mountains. Our development projects are aiming for the international environmental certification BREEAM.

Our goal is to achieve climate neutrality, and we are already taking the first steps.

We create value for society

We are a socially responsible partner. We support projects especially in the areas of Czech culture, education and sports. Through our foundation Progresus SPOLU, we provide financial support to talents and children from socially disadvantaged families. We also finance a number of educational and scientific research programs. We support cultural and social activities in the locations where we operate.

We design our development projects so that they become good places to live. They will include elementary and kindergarten schools, parks, orchards and common gardens, sports grounds or community centers. The projects will suitably complement the existing urban units (municipalities, districts).

Every person is unique. We greatly value the diversity of our team and women in leadership positions. We employ in accordance with legal, ethical and professional standards.

We honour a transparent and fair approach (Governance)

We manage the Group responsibly to be a transparent and trustworthy partner for our investors, clients, suppliers, employees and government. We have a corporate Code of ethical conduct and require strict adherence to it.

We promote fair business and have zero-toleration to corruption. We support work-life balance. We invest in the professional development and training of our employees. We encourage their environmentally friendly behaviour and participance in charitable activities.


Our support

We create value for society

“Good scenarios shouldn’t stay on paper.”

That’s our commitment. To us, a good scenario is any strong idea, a great thought that has potential or a project that benefits society. But a good scenario is also an exceptional talent that deserves our attention.

 Progresus wants to be a socially responsible partner that helps bring these good scenarios to life. 

We direct our support to specific projects, especially in the fields of Czech culture, education and sport, but also to talents who, for financial reasons, can’t afford to develop their talents to the full. We provide financial support to talented children from socially disadvantaged families through our Progresus SPOLU foundation.

 But our fulfilled scenarios don’t end there…

What scenarios are we fulfilling?


We believe that a quality education is the most valuable thing we can offer children. That’s why, together with entrepreneur and philanthropist Martin Roman, we are launching social scholarships for studying at PORG, an elite Prague gymnasium (general upper secondary school). We fully cover the tuition fees for children who have excellent academic results but can’t afford to study at PORG due to financial reasons. Because investment in education is worth it…


Motivating young people to develop their talents and getting involved in philanthropy make sense to us. That’s why we’ve become a long-term partner of the DofE (The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award) programme, where young people aged 14 to 24 comprehensively develop their skills, both sporting and intellectual, and engage in volunteering activities. We direct our support to socially disadvantaged students so that they can develop their talents to the full. We believe that the DofE programme is a great incentive for young people to continually push themselves further in life and to be able to fulfil their potential.



Progresus makes the dream life stories of young talents come true. Whether it’s education or sport. Through our foundation, we help children who have a strong sporting talent but can’t develop it for financial reasons pursue their chosen sport to the full to fulfil their sporting dreams.


The world of film and the world of investment have a lot in common. There’s always a creative idea at the beginning that is followed by the threads of a story. If everything goes well, there’s success on the screen on the one hand or the successful realisation of an investment plan on the other. That’s why we’ve become a partner of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival for three years, confirming our commitment to be a long-term partner of Czech culture.


The Variations Festival is united by what we share and support in the long term. Be it film, music or talent. This unique cultural event, which took place for the second year under the direction of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and under the baton of the Czech Philharmonic, attracted both music and film enthusiasts to Karlovy Vary and proved that the spa town can live and breathe culture not only during the summer film festival.


Czech culture undoubtedly grows out of the music and composers of the calibre of Antonín Dvořák. We are incredibly proud of this cultural tradition and feel honoured to be a long-term partner of the Czech Philharmonic, one of the greatest Czech gems. As part of the Joint Orchestra educational project, we support sixty talented pupils aged 12 to 18 from selected music schools who develop their talents alongside professional musicians from the Czech Philharmonic. The year-long work of the pupils and their professional mentors will culminate in a joint concert on 26 June 2023 in the shrine of music, the Dvořák Hall of Prague’s Rudolfinum.


How to motivate young readers while helping nature? The answer is given by the Reading Helps Nature project, in which we participate together with our production plant RD Rýmařov.. For every book from the thematic book collection that children read, we’ll plant two new trees in the Reading Helps forest together with the Trutnov foresters and RD Rýmařov and donate CZK 50 to the chosen charity. We are happy that we can motivate young readers and expand their knowledge about nature while helping nature by returning valuable natural material back to it.


The Leontinka Foundation has long been helping visually impaired people, especially children and young people, to live life to the full. Four-legged friends are the biggest helpers in everyday life for blind people.. We are extremely happy that thanks to our help, which is also addressed to assistance dog training centres, children can find their faithful friend..

Education, motivation and inspiration


Every week we prepare new podcasts with inspirational personalities. Listen to new and older episodes.


Monthly we prepare specialized webinars that focus on our business topics. Information and updates not only from the field of investments and development from the point of view of specialists regularly on YouTube.

Our team

JUDr. Lukáš Zrůst

JUDr. Lukáš Zrůst

Ph.D., LL.M., MBA, BA (Hons)

 Invest Holding

Lukáš Foral

Lukáš Foral

 Invest Holding

Ing. Petr Heyduk

Ing. Petr Heyduk

Chief Financial Officer
Progresus Invest Holding

Ing. Martin Skalický

Ing. Martin Skalický

Chairman of Advisory Board
Progresus Invest Holding
Bc. David Havlík

Bc. David Havlík

Business Development Director
Progresus Invest Holding

Ing. Dana Kryńska

Ing. Dana Kryńska

Director of Marketing & PR
Progresus Invest Holding

Daniel Havlík

Daniel Havlík

Chief Executive Officer
Progresus RD Rýmařov Invest

Ing. Jan Nový

Ing. Jan Nový

ESG Director
Progresus Invest Holding

Adéla Senetová

Adéla Senetová

Event Director
Progresus Invest Holding

Janka Borončová

Janka Borončová

Real Estate Development Director
Progresus Invest Holding

Ing. Jiří Buchal

Ing. Jiří Buchal

Chief Executive Officer
RD Rýmařov

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