We have already planted 200 trees as part of the project “Reading Helps”

5. 08. 2022

We recently celebrated 100 days of supporting a beautiful charity project “Reading Helps Nature”, which motivates children to read and has a positive environmental impact. Children learn how to protect the environment through their reading activity, and at the same time they help and contribute to charity. 

Together with RD Rýmařov and Trutnov Forestry Academy we plant 2 trees in the “Reading Helps” forest for every book that our little readers read. In the future, a whole new forest will be planted thanks to their reading activity. At the same time, 50 CZK goes to a selected charity for every book title read by our readers.

What have our little readers already achieved?

They have already successfully completed 94 tests and read around 248 books since the start of the project. Almost 200 trees were planted in the “Reading Helps” forest for their reading activity. And that’s just the beginning!

Thank you, our little readers, for ​​your enthusiasm to help nature! Many thanks go also to RD Rýmařov for their cooperation in planting trees and Martin Roman, the founder of the Reading Helps project.

We are all in it together. For a better climate and better life for future generations.

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