We are a partner of the project Variace 2022

25. 10. 2022

We have become the main partner of the Variations 2022 festival, which for the second time will connect the world of film with the world of music. This unique event is jointly directed by the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, the most traditional Czech cultural institutions. During the weekend in Karlovy Vary, Variations will offer exceptional films and breathtaking concerts. The spa town will be abuzz with them from 11 to 12 November 2022.

“Variations brings together film, music and enormous talent. We support this holy trinity at Progresus, so it’s only natural that we want to be there for this unique cultural event. Karlovy Vary has undoubtedly grown close to our hearts. In the summer we had the opportunity to present ourselves here for the first time as a partner of the International Film Festival. We are delighted that we can now return to the place where our cultural scenarios started and fill another one, this time connected with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. Thanks to it, we have the opportunity to support young musical talents. We want Karlovy Vary to be alive with culture and social life beyond the summer film festival, because it is a place with a huge genius loci,” says Lukáš Zrůst, co-founder of the Progresus investment group.

Making the picturesque spa town breathe culture outside the festival is also the main commitment of Kryštof Mucha, Executive Director of the Karlovy Vary IFF. “The city of Karlovy Vary has a huge potential and it should definitely host more events than just a film festival. It is a city that is perfect for any type of event. We felt there was an opportunity to offer an interesting programme outside the traditional festival period,” says Kryštof Mucha.

The most important face of the festival is also looking forward to the November cultural weekend. “We are very pleased that the project, which brings together two traditional Czech cultural brands – the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra – has been so well received by the audience. I believe that this year’s programme of exceptional film titles and concerts prepared especially for Variations will once again be a cultural event for the residents of Karlovy Vary and its visitors,” adds Jiří Bartoška, President of the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival.

What will Variations offer?

The film part of Variations 2022 will offer the audience the best. Three films will be presented on the screens in Karlovy Vary’s Time cinema during the weekend: a film set in a classical music environment – Tár, and a film about growing up in a New York Jewish family – Armageddon Time. These two gems will be complemented by the psychological film Melancholia.

The music part of the festival will also be on full display. On Friday, 11 November, the former savings bank building on Divadelní náměstí will ring with a concert under the baton of the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. On Saturday, the tones of classical music will carry through the Hot Spring Colonnade. The highlight of the Variations programme will be the evening concert of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra at the Karlovy Vary Municipal Theatre, featuring works by Antonín Dvořák and Ludwig van Beethoven.

Variations brings together what we are in harmony with and what we have long supported. Whether it is our partnership with the International Film Festival, the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, or the support of talent.

“We have a lot in common with the Czech Philharmonic. The love for tradition, music and the effort and time we devote to our work. Recently, we have started our project, in which we support young talented pupils of the art and music school. They develop their talents alongside professional players of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, who are their mentors throughout the year. The intensive year-long work will culminate in a joint concert at the Rudolfinum on 26 June 2023,” says Lukáš Foral, the second co-founder of Progresus.

Good scripts must not stay on paper. That is our commitment. Variations 2022 and the Joint Orchestra of students of the art and music schools and players of the Czech Philharmonic are for us the fulfilment of these good scenarios. Certainly not the last…

Do you want to know more about the Variations 2022 festival? Visit the website https://variace.kviff.com/.

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