Progresus is aiming higher! We want to build a wooden skyscraper.

26. 07. 2022

The co-founders of the Progresus group Lukáš Zrůst and Lukáš Foral were the guests of an interview for Seznam Zprávy!

Wooden housing for a healthier and happier life for future generations

Thanks to RD Rýmařov, they have become the largest developer of wooden family houses in the Czech Republic. Their goal is to constantly increase the amount of wooden buildings in our country for a healthier future for all of us. However, the activities of the Progresus group are much wider.

Mycelium – the sustainable material of the future

Lukáš Zrůst and Lukáš Foral are not only responsible for RD Rýmařov. They recently founded a company dedicated to the progressive research and cultivation of mushroom mycelium, a sustainable material that can replace, for example, polystyrene.

“You can make a material that has the hardness of a brick from mycelium. It is possible to create a copy of plasterboard, polystyrene board, and in addition, this material is non-flammable. We want to gradually start replacing certain materials with it,” says Lukáš Foral in the interview.

Wooden skyscraper

The co-founders also talked about another clear goal for the future.

The next step is high-rise construction within the framework of the wooden building system. Currently we can only go to the fourth floor due to fire limits in the Czech Republic. Now we are legislatively trying to be able to go higher. We would like to build a wooden skyscraper,” Lukáš Zrůst presented a clear plan in the interview.

In many European cities, wooden high-rise buildings have proven to be a solution to the increasing urbanization and the need to comply with climate commitments. Czech legislation currently stands against the construction of wooden high-rise buildings, but the co-founders believe that this will change soon.

We started to cooperate with developers and architects who built buildings more than 80 meters high in Berlin and had to go through the same principle of changes as are needed in the Czech Republic,” says Lukáš Foral, adding that in Germany and Austria, these legislative changes have been accepted within a single year.

Investing in sustainable housing

Lukáš Zrůst and Lukáš Foral, who are friends not only at work, but also in life, then talked about our oncoming sustainable development projects in Prague and its surroundings, as well as about investment opportunities.

The whole interview was published in an audio version on Seznam Zprávy.

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