Lukáš Zrůst spoke in a Forbes article about the current situation on the building materials market

8. 08. 2022

A new online article about the current situation on the Czech building materials market, which is struggling with material shortages and rising prices, was published at Forbes.cz. Lukáš Zrůst, the co-founder of Progresus investment group, commented on the whole situation in the article and calmed some fears.

“As for the prices of materials, it was dramatic mainly because of the stress on the market. The prices of wood increased because it was being ordered five times more than needed. Now everything is returning back to normal,” says Lukáš Zrůst in the article and goes on to talk about how we successfully went through the tougher spring months at our RD Rymarov production plant.

What steps have we taken at RD Rýmařov so that the current situation affected our customer only minimally?

We also had to react to the market situation in the spring months, when the prices of all materials increased rapidly. However, thanks to pre-purchased building materials and long-term relationships with suppliers, our customers felt the price increase minimally. 

Thanks to the stock of materials and the delivery guarantee, we were also able to freeze the prices of our healthy houses at the beginning of this summer. This certainty of a guaranteed price and delivery on time is now most welcomed by our customers. They also appreciate the fact that they can apply for a mortgage of a certain amount without being surprised by an increase in the price of the house.

Modular healthy houses are currently setting a clear direction on the market. The so-called off-site modular system, manufacturing of a family house directly in the factory, fundamentally speeds up the entire construction period. Our healthy houses are then built in the stated location in just a few days. This significantly eliminates additional costs. Overall operating costs are then also reduced thanks to our energy efficiency solution.

The whole article was published at www.forbes.cz.

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