Lukáš Foral and Martin Skalický commenting on the current situation on the real estate market

1. 09. 2022

Lukáš Foral, the co-founder of the Progresus group, and Martin Skalický, the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the group, were guests of an interview for Investiční web. The main topic of the interview was development and the impact of the current economic situation on it.

The real estate market is a long-term business,” explains Martin Skalický, justifying why development is currently not expecting a dramatic decline. In addition, project financing can be adjusted over the long term.”There are still many innovative ways and financing options,” adds Martin.

Lukáš Foral spoke about how we deal with the increase in energy prices and other input costs at our RD Rýmařov production plant. “We invested in our own solar power plant to be energy self-sufficient. Next year, we will reduce our dependence on gas by 50 %,” Lukáš Foral describes the optimization process.

Lukáš Foral also presented the Progresus RD Rýmařov Invest bond program and the possibilities of investing through it in sustainable development projects of the Progresus group. “Real estate is a stabilizing element of an investment portfolio,” adds Martin Skalický.

The whole interview was released at www.investicniweb.cz

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