Jiří Buchal about the advantages of wooden buildings

5. 10. 2022

The development of building materials and energy is extreme, reports Lidovky.cz. Uncertain times, high inflation, rising prices and rising energy prices. Lidovky.cz investigated why it pays to build with wood. And Jiří Buchal, CEO of our production plant RD Rýmařov, the Central European market leader, had something to say on the topic.

Wood buildings promise and fulfill fast realization, cost reduction and the associated economy, which people welcome in times of extreme energy prices. This is also confirmed by Jiří Buchal. “Wooden buildings are definitely gaining strength at the expense of brick buildings. They are energy-efficient and take much less time to build, so there is better management of materials,” he says.

Wooden buildings will withstand the price rise

According to Jiří Buchal, there will be price stagnation in wooden buildings, while brick buildings will see further price increases. Wooden buildings are now becoming a solution for developers as well. “Paradoxically, wooden buildings are benefiting from the rise in energy prices. Many developers are now finding that their buildings are not working out because it takes a lot of energy to burn bricks,” comments the head of the Central European market leader. 

Although the energy crisis is also having an impact on the production of wooden buildings, RD Rýmařov is looking for solutions even in a crisis. It is taking steps to reduce its dependence on energy and lead to greater self-sufficiency. An example of this is the investment in its own solar power plant. The question is how much the companies’ past investments in savings will pay off and whether the state will lend a helping hand in the crisis.

The future belongs to wood

Wood buildings are attracting attention globally because of their greenhouse gas emissions. They produce fewer emissions and consume less energy than concrete or brick. Wood is used not only for residential buildings but also for office buildings. Even our RD Rýmařov sees demand for apartment buildings or directly from cities for complex building solutions. For the record, the tallest wooden building in the world is located in Norway and boasts 18 floors.

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