Housing for future generations, which is environmentally friendly

23. 06. 2022

A new article about Progresus Invest Holding, its activities and its way towards sustainable, wood-scented development was published in Estate & Business magazine. In Prague and its surroundings, we are preparing several residential projects, which will consist of wooden houses.

Wooden development

Our projects will use the experience and innovative technologies of RD Rýmařov, the number one on the Czech market of wooden buildings and one of the companies in our portfolio. Environmental and climate protection is our long-term commitment, which is significantly reflected in our ESG strategy and which we strive to fulfill every day. That is why wood is a clear choice for our residential projects. We are constantly mapping out the possibilities of other sustainable materials that would move sustainable living on a higher level. For example, we are thinking about wider use of mycelium, which could replace plastics used in the construction industry in the future.

Wood, number one among building materials

Sustainable wooden housing brings countless benefits. Wood is the only building material that absorbs CO2. Thanks to this ability, it is a climate-neutral material and has no competition in the field of building materials.

It is also a renewable natural resource. What exactly does that mean? Unlike other materials, wood can return back to nature. We plant up to 200 tree seedlings for each newly built house. This creates a cycle between us, wood and nature. Wood also has excellent thermal insulation qualities, wooden buildings regulate their own indoor climate.

Finished within a month

Advantages for developers come mainly from prefabrication and speed of construction of prefabricated wooden houses. Wooden house is completely built within 1 month. The whole process is dust-free and does not produce noise in the surroundings which will be appreciated especially by the locals. The entire construction of development projects is speeding up and that also reduces their price.

Full-fledged neighborhoods for a better and healthier life of future generations

Our sustainable residential housing projects, which are being prepared in Prague and its surroundings, will be built on land with a total area of ​​1.5 million m2. The projects are unique with their well-thought-out urban concept and architectural design. It is the work of the famous architect Pantelis Larcou. We create new ecological neighborhoods that will fit into the surroundings, an ideal green place for rest and quiet living.

“We want to build full-fledged neighborhoods for a better life for the next generations.  That is why our projects include not only family and apartment houses, but also kindergartens and primary schools, community centers with libraries, restaurants, indoor and outdoor sports grounds, playgrounds and parks, orchards and community gardens, ” Lukáš Foral, the co-founder of Progresus Invest Holding, represents our intention.

We come up with innovative solutions for sustainable and healthy living for future generations. Housing that is friendly to nature and people and its surroundings meet the requirements of all civic amenities…

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