Editorial visit to the house of Lukáš Zrůst

12. 08. 2022

How did the dream of Lukáš Zrůst, co-founder of the Progresus group, to own a factory for healthy houses RD Rýmařov come about? What does he appreciate most about prefabricated wooden construction? What does an individually designed house look like? All this was revealed by an editorial visit to Lukáš Zrůst’s house, which was published on Living.cz.

A dream of a factory for healthy houses

Years ago, when Lukáš Zrůst was dealing with family housing, his friend recommended him a prefabricated wooden house from the RD Rýmařov factory. The individually adapted house, which emerged from the factory, literally enchanted Lukáš. In just 5 months from the first proposal, he was already living. And that is the greatest added value of prefabricated wooden buildings. You live in the house really fast.

Structural work done within one day

Ten trucks came to my property and within a day a group of assemblers did the structural work. It was just a concert. When I saw how coordinated and fast they were, I was amazed,” recalls Lukáš.

Energy saving

All the houses of RD Rýmařov are designed in a low-energy standard, and therefore even Lukáš’s house is no exception. He was enthusiastic about all the innovative technologies offered by the RD Rýmařov house. At that time, Lukáš had decided that he wanted to own such a factory for modern family living one day.

Only a few years passed and the dream became a reality. Lukáš bought RD Rýmařov. This production plant in the heart of Jeseníky mountains is currently the largest manufacturer of prefabricated wooden buildings on the Czech market and the third largest in the European Union.

The editorial visit of Lukáš Zrůst’s house was published at https://www.living.cz/.

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