About the boom of wooden buildings

21. 10. 2022

The weekly magazine Euro has focused on the topic of sustainable development and the use of wood as a building material. Martin Skalický, head of the consulting team of our Progresus Group, whose portfolio includes RD Rýmařov, commented on the possibilities and benefits of wooden buildings.

Nowadays, people face a number of problems during the construction of a house. Projects under construction can become more expensive, delayed or even suspended. The solution can be found in combined buildings using wood. “Developers are increasingly showing interest in mixed-use construction. In addition to fast construction, they appreciate the many years of know-how of our production plant and especially the turnkey delivery of the houses. They don’t have to deal with problems with subcontractor coordination or delivery failures,” says Martin Skalický.

Like a modern jigsaw puzzle

The main advantages of timber buildings include the speed of construction, already within a month, as well as a reduction in construction costs and a lower impact on the surrounding environment (reduced noise, dust, and a fundamental elimination of soil or green space disturbance). The benefits of wood are also noticed by developers, for whom this method of construction significantly reduces costs. “Thanks to the prefabrication and complete production of our houses in our production plant, the rough structure on the plot is built in a few days like a ´modern jigsaw puzzle´. After further modifications, you can live in the house within a month,” says Martin Skalický, adding that this would not be possible with concrete or brick houses. 

Thanks to its long-standing presence on the market and its relationships with suppliers, RD Rýmařov was able to react to the difficult market situation and launch a promotion that guarantees the price of the house and the agreed term. So it is no wonder that it increases its production capacity every month. “Wooden buildings are simply experiencing a boom,” adds Martin Skalický.

Timber buildings are becoming a sought-after solution for energy-efficient housing in the current energy crisis. In addition to its climate neutrality, wood also has excellent thermal insulation properties. “You can heat a wooden house much faster than conventional brick houses, because you do not heat the massive perimeter walls, but practically only the living space,” concludes Martin Skalický, adding that operating costs are also reduced thanks to the heat pump and photovoltaic system, which are included in the price of RD Rýmařov houses. According to him, we are in a new revolutionary era of fast and sustainable development. 

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